10 Best Dallas Drinking Neighborhoods Ranked- Thrillist

Shots! Shots! Shots! (and more).

By Steven Lindsey

Updated on 9/7/2022 at 4:43 PM

lower greenville single wide bar
Flickr/Cindy Higby

1. Lower Greenville/Lowest Greenville

The stretch of (the very long) Greenville Avenue that falls south of Mockingbird Lane known as Lower Greenville itself falls into two smaller regions: Upper Lower Greenville, and Lowest Greenville. Though it would be a bit of a trek to spend a night popping between bars in both sections, it’s entirely possible to get a healthy amount of partying under your belt by lingering in one or the other for the night. Within each part, you can easily walk between holes-in-the-wall and fancier lounges, but you might also fall in love with one spot and hang there all night. It happens. On the upper side, Sundown at GranadaLife’s Good Bar & GrillBar 3606, and Stan’s Blue Note always draw big crowds. On Lowest Greenville, Truck Yard, the rooftop at HG Sply Co.Single WideThe Libertine BarAlamo ClubHideLeela’s Wine BarApothecary, and Rye keep the party going every night of the week.

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