Signature Stamp: Espresso Martinique

Apothecary | Dallas

By Katie Ayoub
May 11, 2022

Espresso Martinique: Rhum J.M Agricole, Brulot VSOP Cognac-coffee liqueur, salted honey and malted molasses cream; finished with stenciled cocoa powder

Gregory Huston
Gregory Huston

In case you haven’t heard: The espresso martini is the “it” cocktail of the year, thanks to a frenzy of ‘80s nostalgia tempered by a modern approach to refined coffee-centric drinks. The team at Apothecary, a cocktail bar known for its sophisticated mixology and eclectic flavor combinations, knew that they needed an espresso martini when writing their menu. “We would upset guests and hurt our reputation if we didn’t have one,” says Gregory Huston, Bar Manager. “We knew that a well-done take would allow us to say ‘yes’ to a guest who wanted a familiar favorite while also encouraging them to engage in what Apothecary stands for.”

The Espresso Martinique was born. It replaces the classic vodka with sugarcane-based rhum agricole, sourced from Martinique. The cocktail builds out with Cognac-espresso liqueur, salted honey and malted molasses cream. “The Cognac and honey highlight the fruited, floral components of coffee to create a rounded, richer flavor. And the malted molasses cream gives the cocktail body a touch of sweetness, mimicking the crema of a freshly pulled shot,” says Huston. The drink is a top seller for Apothecary. “That allows us to engage with guests about ingredients and encourage them to try our more experimental drinks,” he says. “That in turn brings them back again and again.”


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